International Harvester Paint


  1. Harvester red synthetic enamel
  2. Indian red varnish enamel
  3. International harvester records (paint
  4. International harvester scout

Flyer containing paint chips for repainting International Harvester tractors and farm machines. The chart includes "Harvester Red Varnish Enamel for Farm Machines, harvester red synthetic enamel for Tractors, Harvester indian red varnish enamel for Farm Machines, Harvester Green Varnish Enamel, Harvester Gas Engine Green Varnish Enamel, Harvester Cream Synthetic Enamel for Cream …

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2014-01-21  · I wanted to get some expert input on what paint code to use to get the "orginal IH" red paint. I have been using the Case IH Iron Guard Enamel Rouge 2150 In, 9910112N, paray cans for touch up on my 1966 AND 1976 vintage tractors.

Case IH 395 Paint Truck Facts The International Harvester R-Series Paint Facts. According to international harvester records (paint Committee Decision No. 172 PDF 1.8 MB – Source: Wisconsin Historical Society), the following colors were available as standard for the L and R-Series line starting in 1949:

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Two Stage Automotive Paint Absolute wonderful custom complete body-off restoration 1973 Corvette Convertible in Candy Apple Red three stage paint. The car has fiberglass front bumper … Oyster White interior with custom … No matter what you have in your garage, chances are you’ll need to paint something whether it be bare metal, car parts or an … 2014-04-02

The paint on a Cayenne costs $800 if the two gloss colors … If you want a sleeker SUV that doesn’t resemble a modern-day international harvester scout, pick the Cayenne. If you enjoy all the extra …

The Ceremonial red, white & black paint looks stunning as it flows into a beautiful black interior that aims to please. The truck has been upgraded to ….. £24900 28-Mar-2019 USA Trade 1953 …

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